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About us

The Qingdao Haito Group is a large enterprise focused on the supply of rigging hardware.The company is situated in the Shandong Province and has manufacturing and sourcing capability.

The Group has two subsidiaries

-Sanxing Stainless Steel-stainless steel part manufacturing

-Qingdao Haito Rigging Hardware-manufacturing,trading and exporting.

Qingdao Haito Rigging Hardware as well as having its own factory has developed a large network of capable suppliers for all types of rigging product.The company is located in the beautiful seaside city of Qingdao.


We produce a large range of stainless steel and mild steel product.Shackles,thimbles,turnbuckles,wire ropes,chains,wire rope clips,hooks,rings,swivels,bolts,nuts,terminals,fasteners,and other marine hardware.

For the stainless steel product we mainly use grade AISI 304 and AISI 316.The products comply to various ASTM,JIS,DIN,GB etc national standards.

Manufacting Capability

We have facilities using the latest advanced technology and professional equipment sourced from Switzerland,Germany and elsewhere.We employ the latest in-process controls and inspect all the products to guarantee the delivery high-quality products.


We export our product all over the world including Europe,America,Japan,Korea,Australia,the Middle East and Southeast Asia.The products are popular in the shipbuilding and aircraft industry,paper-making and military industry etc.

During the development of the Haito Group the company has focused on understanding the customer and market needs and then developing high quality product,which meets the requirements and standards of the industry.We have also jointly developed new product in partnership with our customers.This simple approach of understanding the customer has been the foundation of our success.

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Contact: Qingdao Haito Group

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Add: Room907,No.6 Minjiang Road,Shinan District,Qingdao,Shandong Province.