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Installation and Use of Screw Fasteners

Common uses of screw fasteners

As mentioned above, screw fasteners can be used with certain lengths of rope, cable or other Rigging Screw Turnbucklesas attachment points to adjust slack and tension within the rope.

Screw fasteners can be used for simple fences or complex suspension bridges. Some industries where screw fasteners are commonly used are

1. Sports and Entertainment - Screw fasteners are used as tie-down points and to create tension in ropes around a wrestling or boxing ring. Of course, you can't see them because they are covered with a soft material to keep the athletes safe!

2. Marine transportation - Screw fasteners are often used to tension lashings and rigging components on ships.

3. Construction - Screw fasteners are commonly used to provide tension support for suspension bridges, large buildings and highway guardrail cable assemblies.

4. Aerospace - Cables and wires present in aircraft structures - wings, flight control systems, etc. - are tensioned by screw fasteners.


Screw Fastener

Installation of screw fasteners

Proper installation of any type of rigging equipment is critical to maintaining a safe and effective application, and screw fasteners are no exception. Installing a Screw Fastener is a fairly simple process, with the following steps.

1. Unscrew the end fitting from the valve body until it is fully extended over the entire length of the take-up

2. Attach the end fittings at both ends to the required fixing points

For eye end fittings, simply pass them through any fixing points to be attached

For hook end fittings, simply wrap the hook around any point to which it will be secured

For jaw end fittings, unscrew the bolt from the jaw, place the fixing point between the U-shaped clamp lugs, thread the bolt through, and tighten.

3. Turn the screw fastener to bring the end fittings closer together until the desired rope or cable tension is achieved.

4. Tighten nuts-if you are using them-down to the body.

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