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Cable Railing Protective Sleeves


Cable Railing Protective Cable Sleeve

This is a protection cable sleeve of ours and we'd like to give you more details. They are primarily used when you need to bend around corners while you're using wooden posts. You can not only use them around a corner at a 45 but also with a staircase where it's straight and then slopes up or down. They will protect your posts from collapsing under the pressure over time.

They're also wonderful to use with all of your intermediate posts. When you're drilling the posts through you will notice that it's really really hard to keep them from splintering as you pop through the other side. We recommend that you drill from both sides of the post to avoid splintering as well as to avoid the drill bit from wandering with the grain inside the post. When you're drilling into wood it's really hard to keep the wood from splintering a little bit so our protective sleeves will conceal any sort of imperfections in your wood posts and just add to that nice clean finished look that you're shooting for.

They are designed to work wonderfully with 1/8'' cable along with 3/16''cable.

Cable Railing Protective Sleeves

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