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Swage Toggle Terminal for 1/8'' and 3/16'' Cable


Swage toggle terminal – essential and adaptable

This type of terminal is designed to be fitted over connection plates to create two places of articulation. Because of this, they are ideal for a vast amount of activities.

Often used in pleasure boats, catamarans, ferries and yachts for things like rigging repairs and building hand rails, our cost-effective range of swage toggle terminals are also perfect for security cables, balustrades and sculpture or art displays too. Remember – swage toggle terminals need to be fitted by hydraulic swaging equipment to make them safe.

Long-lasting and durable, swage toggle terminals are made from top marine grade stainless steel, so will not become damaged by corrosion or pitting. They’re also able to withstand long periods in damp conditions and inclement weather.

Don’t forget, it’s also vital you select a swage toggle terminal which is measured up to the exact size you require for the job to ensure correct fitting.

Swage Toggle Terminal for 1/8'' Cable

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