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Snap hook with Eyelet


Snap hook with Eyelets – safe and secure

Sometimes called Carbine hook with eye or Carabiner hook, this metal carbine hook has an eye at the end to stop the rope from moving freely. Reliable and durable,they're ideal for mechanical jobs where safe practices are key. Furthermore,they're fantastic for slightly less obvious applications,such as hanging artwork and signage. They come in a truly vast range of sizes depending on the load they are expected to bear,so whichever size you need we're sure we can help.

Sometimes only the precise carbine hook will do – and that's where we at HAITO will deliver. Whatever size the job is,when you require a fantastically versatile Snap hook with Eyelet then Haito Rigging is the place for you.


1.Snap hook with Eyelet supplied by us are made using top quality stainless steel,fantastic for use in all weathers. 

2.Stainless steel snap hooks are strong and corrosion-proof, give a broad range of uses in leisure activities like water sports,rock climbing and abseiling. 

3.They're great when used with nylon ropes too,and are durable enough to last for years to come.

4.Has a number of professional precision casting production lines, machining CNC lines, machining centers and advanced spectral analysis of quality inspection equipment to ensure the material is of high quality. 

5.We have high pressure test leak detection equipment, solid melting furnace and other advanced testing equipment. 

6.We can also take up processing business according to the drawings, samples and materials provided by customers.


1.Construction industry

2.Outdoor sports

3.Boats and yachts

4.Hardware stores