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Snap Hook with Screw Nut


Stainless Steel Snap Hook Carbine Hook with Screw Nut.

No matter what you need it for,if you're in the market for a durable carbine hook with screw nut,you’ve come to the right place by visiting Haito Rigging.

Carbine hook with screw nut–safe and strong

Also called a Karabiner, this type of fixing has a flexible closure which when shut is secured tightly using a small nut. Perfect for use both leisure settings and for industrial projects where being safe is essential.

Manufactured using marine strength stainless steel,our carbines are excellent when used both indoors and outdoors. This not only allows them to be both weather-proof and anti-rust,it provides solutions in a broad spectrum of things such as parascending,water sports and climbing.

Locking carbines are almost identical in appearance to ones which don't lock, but with an additional piece to protect the gate. This is then held in suit by turning the screw so the carbine can't be opened unintentionally.