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Stainless Steel D Shackle with Flush Allen Key Pin


Stainless Steel Dee Shackles - with Allen Key Flush Pin

Whatever you need it for,if you’re looking for a strong, highly versatile shackle ideal for all weathers, you might want to consider our dee shackle with allen pin.

Stainless Steel Dee shackle with allen pin – durable and rust-proof

Perfect for a wide range of uses, a dee shackle with allen pin essential for those who work in the marine or boating industries. Made from 316 grade stainless steel, they come with a flush fitting pin which can only be opened with the correct allen key. This offers better security than previous screw collar pin designs.

Extremely popular amongst boating enthusiasts and in the marine industry, the high quality stainless steel means they are fantastically resistant to rusting, even when in contact with sea water. They’re perfect too for assisting in vehicle breakdowns when attached to a tow rope and are weather resistant for superb durability. Available in a broad range of sizes between 4mm and 19mm in diameter so you can find the one you really want.