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Stainless Steel Swivel Jaw Snap Shackle


Swivel Jaw Snap Shackle

When only a very specific type of swivel jaw snap shackle will do, why not consider something from our vast range of shackles and/or swivel fittings all in one place here at Rope Services Direct. We're sure to have the one you need.

Swivel jaw snap shackle–rust-proof and reliable

swivel jaw snap shackle/hook.This particular type of swivel jaw snap shackle differs from the fixed snap shackle in that swivel jaw snap shackle,the lower fixing point is a swivelling jaw,which can be opened right up to facilitate the attachment of various ropes.It is designed for use in the yachting and marine industry in rigging and mooring.They are simply attached to fibre ropes or wire ropes for complete safety and reliability and each one comes with a durable quick release plunger for easy use.

Made from 316 grade marine metal,our swivel jaw snap shackles comes in sizes with jaw openings of 12mm,16mm and 22mm,Total length L70mm,L87mm,L128mm.Our range ensures you're bound to find the one you're looking for.It's extremely important you choose the right one for the load it will need to bear as each one has a specially tested limit.

Each shackle offers outstanding protection against rust and corrosion,even when subjected to salt water,harsh weather conditions and sea air.