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Stainless Steel Trigger Snap Hook


Stainless Steel Swivel Trigger Snap Hook.

If you want an ultra-strong and versatile swivel trigger snap hook,we have just what you need at Haito Rigging.

Swivel trigger snap hook – safe and secure

Our fantastically secure snap hooks with swivel trigger design are made using built to last,high quality stainless steel.

The spring-loaded hooks work by closing tighter when the load is added and the full-swivel eye gives 360-degree rotation to help stop snagging and tangles.

Outstanding quality and perfect for use both indoors and out,our swivel trigger snap hooks are durable and non-tarnish. They are versatile and used in leisure activities like water sports,rock climbing and abseiling. They’re also perfect for your day to day needs,such on lanyards,attaching a new handbag strap or fixing a lead to a dog collar. They’re spot on for using with our cords and twines too.