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Hidden Thread Stainless Steel Cable Tensioners Set


Hidden Thread Stainless Steel Cable Tensioners Set concealed threads of tensioning is composed of two parts, one is Invisible Receiver and the other is Swage Stud. Invisible Receiver Swage Stud can be used in various combinations of swage stud, which can be freely combined according to different customers' preferences and different uses. Invisible Receiver Swage Stud is most sought after by customers because it saves a lot of accessories. One accessory plays a variety of roles, both beautiful and generous. The combination of two accessories can avoid the unadjustable stretching force of a single accessory.


Invisible Receiver Swage Stud is also the best marine grade 316 in the selection industry. This material is not only highly rust-proof but also corrosion-resistant. It is widely used in outdoor decoration hardware. It can avoid the use of conventional materials for a long time. Rusty and rust pollution occurred, which destroyed the aesthetics of the entire project.


At the same time, Invisible Receiver Swage Stud adopts UNC silk. This silk has high wire thickness and strong grip. It can guarantee the tension of the product. The surface adopts the latest polishing technology to keep the bright color of the stainless steel. A good protective film is formed to make the product even better.

1. They work wonderfully with wood and metal posts.

2. They can fit mostly inside of your posts.They look very clean and do not stick out as far as the washer, bolt and acorn nut design.They sit very flush up against your posts.

3. They have the benefits of a turnbuckle in that you just spin them to adjust your tensioning at anytime without needing to cut off excess threading each time.They are a fraction of the cost of a turnbuckle.

Hidden Thread Stainless Steel Cable Tensioners Set

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