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Stainless Steel Twisted Shackle


Stainless Steel Twisted Shackle

When only the perfect twisted shackle will do we're bound to have the exact one you need.A robust,extremely versatile shackle that won't rust,a twisted shackle from Haito Rigging is ideal for a huge range of purposes.

Twisted shackle –super strong and reliable

Twisted shackle.Twisted shackles are great for applications which require a hook up angle to the shackle.Our twisted shackles are made with type 316 stainless steel for complete resistance to corrosion,which makes it extremely long life.Twisted shackles are vital within the marine industry and are designed to reduce the risk in your rigging. Made from 316 grade stainless steel, they won’t tarnish or rust even in sea water or sea air, and are outstandingly durable.

They're handy too for boat or vehicle breakdowns when attached to a tow rope and are resistant to the elements as well.The twist itself in the body of the shackle is at 90 degrees so it is perpendicular to the pin.