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Stainless Steel Screw Lock Snap Hooks With Eyelet


Carbine Hook with Eye & Screw Nut.

Regardless of what size project it's for,when you're on the hunt for a super-strong carbine hook with eye & screw nut then search no more as Haito Rigging can help.

Carbine Hook with Eye&Screw Nut – durable and versatile.

Sometimes called a carbiner,these high quality stainless steel carbine hooks possess a sprung gate which is held in position with a screw nut when closed. It also has an eye at the bottom which is designed to maintain the attached rope's location and stop it sliding upwards. Quick and easy,they're ideal for mechanical and industrial work where complete safety is vitally important.

Locking carbines look quite similar to standard carbines,just with an extra piece of sheathing on the gate. This is then held in position by rotating the screw so the carbine will only open when you want it to.


Our carbiners are manufactured for all external uses. This doesn't just mean they're very tough and rust-proof,it assists with a large range of uses in sporting activities such as base jumping,parasailing,climbing and mountaineering. They're perfect when used alongside fibre ropes too.