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Cable Rail Fittings Swage Flat Head Wire Rope Terminal For 18'' Cable


Cable Railing Hardware Swage Flat Head Terminal T316 Swage Flat Head Terminal 

This product is widely used in the protection and suppression of wire rope ends. This product is used for different models are used in different wire ropes, These cable rail fittings are commonly use with metal and aluminum railing posts. You will need to have a tensioner on the opposite end to tighten the cable. They’re made of type marine 316 stainless steel so you can use them in humid areas without having to worry about rusting. It also has a nice even shine during the day and under lights at night. Customers have used them on commercial and residential projects. We’ve also seen them on indoor and outdoor applications.
These cable rail fittings are designed to be used with different size. There are a number of different construction options. They come with a variety of fittings for each end to suit your particular application. If you are in the process of purchasing and if you don't understand anything, you can contact our customer service in time. we will give you the professional answer in the first time. The price is more favorable and the special packaging is supported. Some services and packaging are free.Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

Cable Railing Hardware Swage Terminal T316 Swage Flat Head Terminal For 1/8'' Cable – T316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel


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Haito Rigging supply a range of cable railing hardware fittings. They come with a variety of fittings for each end to suit your particular application.

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