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Stainless Steel Triangle Ring


Triangle Ring.

No matter if it's for work or leisure,if you're after a excellent quality triangle ring(s),then hunt no more! We proudly offer a fantastic selection of fittings at Haito Rigging.

Triangle ring–adaptable and long-lasting.

Triangle ring.Metal triangle rings are extremely uses both industrially and in the home. Notably,smaller ones can be seen on bags,wallets and clothing accessories,whilst the larger,thicker ones are mainly used for many sailing and engineering purposes.Triangle rings are designed to hold flat webbed rope such as web slings,so are also ideal for harnesses used in sports,as well as with young children and animals.

Designed from super high grade steel,triangle rings are a closed triangle shaped piece of tubular metal which is moulded to ensure both ends fix together. This gives superb strength and endurance and will never rust,even in long periods of exposure to sea air or water.