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Stainless Steel Square Pad Eye Plate


Square Base Pad Eye Plates.

If high quality and great prices are the order of the day, look no further than our great range right here. We offer the square base pad eye plates in stainless steel.

Square base pad eye plates – strong and multipurpose.

Sometimes called “mooring plates,“eye plates”or“decking plates'', these types of pad eyes are specially created for fixing rope, chains or wire to many different surfaces. Exceptional for use in the sailing industry for mast bases, as well as in sporting and other industries, they’re fine for any number of uses. Moreover, they’re very handy for use with fibre rope for securing gates and for use in marine and pleasure sports. This is because they are able to cope with particularly heavy loads.

Made of tarnish-proof high quality steel that won’t rust,the pads have ready-drilled holes meaning you don’t need to punch them yourself. The eye is perfectly designed for the rope to be inserted into it using one of our snap hooks.

Not sure? Check out our other chains and hooks, and shackles too. Don't forget we also have an incredible range of wire rope too. And don't forget, before you make your purchase, decide the angle that the line will meet the pad eye. This should help you decide if a square pad eye is really what you need or if another shape, such as a diamond one, is preferable.