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Stainless Steel European Type Wire Rope Thimble


Wire Rope Thimbles

Wire rope thimbles are just one of the many types of wire rope fittings (ferrules,shackles,terminals, etc.)we supply here at Haito

 Rigging.We can supply thimbles in various sizes,the thimble you will need is dependent upon your application and it's vital the correct thimble is chosen to meet your needs.

Thimbles are perfect for wire ropes terminating in a loop and are one of the most commonly used end fittings for steel cable.They are used to help protect the steel wire-rope which forms the eye,and therefore will greatly extend the working life of the rope,they also add extra rigidity to a soft loop making it stronger and much easier to attach wherever it is needed.


European type thimbles

Need one or more European type thimbles?There's a very good chance you'll find it right here at HT. Furthermore, it’s well worth taking a look at our lifting shackles, wire rope pullers and other types of fittings whilst you're here too.

European type thimble–adaptable and functional

European type thimbles.Our excellent,European type thimbles are perfect for adding standard commercial wire rope thimbles structure to the loops on everyday wire ropes.Garden projects and landscaping as well as in leisure boating,sculpture work and art installations can all make good use of these thimbles.Please note,commercial thimbles are only made for static requirements and must never be used in any lifting applications as they are not designed to be load bearing.

Made from weather-resistant marine grade stainless steel,they're ideal for use in highly corrosive outdoor environments such as in salty sea air and harsh climatic conditions,as they won't rust or degrade.