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Stainless Steel Wire Rope Tube Thimble


Stainless Steel Wire Rope Tube Thimble 

The purpose of thimbles are to underline and support the eyes made by looping the exteriors of wire ropes. Thimbles create a durable wear surface & aid in supporting the wire rope eye. For durability, the use of stainless steel thimbles allows for the use in highly corrosive environments; As such, stainless steel thimbles supply additional security from erosion and deformation of the eye. In settings where a highly corrosive environment is not likely, Haito Rigging offers a wide variety of metals and sizes to best suit your needs.


Stainless Steel Tube Thimble Heavy Duty for Wire Rope Cable

Need one or more type thimbles?There's a very good chance you'll find it right here at HT. Furthermore, it’s well worth taking a look at our lifting shackles, wire rope pullers and other types of fittings whilst you're here too.

Stainless Steel Tube Thimble

Haito Rigging can supply wire rope thimbles in a wide range of sizes to suit a vast range of wire rope/cable diameters.

Choosing the right size of thimble is important so do contact us to discuss your requirements and place your order today.

We also supply a wide range of alternative wire rope fittings to suit a range of applications.